Orange series

Gesture 1.2015

Medium: Plaster, rubber,paint

Gesture2. 2015

Medium: Plaster and rubber

Gesture3.                                                          2015

Medium: Plaster,rubber and designed hat

Gesture4.                                                          2015

Medium: Foam, plaster, paint, fur

This is a series of gestural portraits exploring the private existential contemplative process.

Touching on the anxieties around failure and the  absurd rituals of life.



Constructs                                       2013

Medium: Found objects

Constructs explores society's conditioning through its institutions and cultural representations of the individual and collective. In this installation, assemblage is used as both a model of these social formations and as a structural framework that incorporates analyses of contradictory cultural phenomena.






2012 – 2013  Master of Fine Art (with Distinction), RMIT University, Melbourne

2009 – 2011  Bachelor of Art: Painting (with Distinction), RMIT University, Melbourne

2000 – 2002  Diploma  of Visual Arts, NMIT, Melbourne


Recent Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions

2017        The Mounds have eyes, Watch this Space Alice Springs

2016        CURTAIN CALL | FLESH EXPRESS | Diego Ramirez | Melissa Matveyeff 

2015        Live performance Roundabout. Lx Portugal

2015        Artist Residency Portugal Roundabout. Lx Open studio 

2015        Spirituous.  The BIRDS.  Selected by Abbotsford Convent Foundation Melbourne

2015        Spatiums, Zeppelin, Melbourne

2015        The Sweet Life, Blindside, Melbourne 

2014        One night stand, Donkey Wheel, Melbourne

2014        HIT&MISS, Bus Projects, Melbourne

2014        Welcome to paradise, Next Wave Festival, Shebean, Melbourne

2014        Personal Plate, Blindside, Melbourne

2014        Running Sheet, Rumpueng Artspace , Chiang Mai

2013        Mapping Gertrude, Seventh Gallery, Summer Residency, Melbourne

2013        Season 4: Memory, Lightscapes Projects, Rodda Lane, RMIT University

2013        OH GOD, Hares & Hyenas, Melbourne

2013        Ascend/descend, Coalesce ARI

2013        Gender Typ(0)s, Project space, (Midsumma festival 2013), RMIT, Melbourne

2012        Interpretations of Intimacy, Open space Gallery, Melbourne

2012        Strange Essay, c3 Gallery, Melbourne

2011        Newer 12, Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne

2011        100 shots of light, Obscura Gallery, Melbourne

2011        Homebody, First Sight Gallery, RMIT Melbourne

2011        Artists Live Here, First Sight Gallery, RMIT Melbourne






2013 – The Birds Ari


The Birds ARI Exhibitions   

2014        GOLDEN RULZ, White Night, RMIT University, Melbourne

2014        Season 5: Porous, Lightscape Projects, Rodda Lane, RMIT University

2013        Art Boot Camp, Fringe Festival, Bluestone Arts Venue, Footscray, Melbourne

2013        Mating call, Rooftop Artspace, Curtain house, Melbourne             


Awards and Grants


2014        Rumpueng Artspace  Artist Residency, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2014        Award of Excellence MFA RMIT University

2014        RMIT Links Arts Funding, collective funding

2012        RMIT Links Arts Funding, individual funding

2009 – 2011 RMIT Financial Scholarship

2006        NAVA Marketing Grant




Ceramic work in response to termite mound project.                                                   2017

Anxious Object                                          2013

Hullabaloo                                            2013

Artist Residency in Portugal.


17th July - 30th August. 2015

This residency offered a contemplative space to investigate materiality in my practice. There is a large part of my practice that relies on the hunting and gathering of materials. I found bread or dough as a  material or object  culturally loaded with ritual and stories.  

Form 1.                         2015


Selected works from MFA RMIT 2013

Form 2.                        2015

Form/object 1.                          2015

Video still 1.                              2015

Performance to Video

Form/object 2.                               2015

Hit & Miss

Bus Projects 2014